Customers Reviews for Neutrarust 661®

The Original Rust Converter & Primer for commercial and domestic use

Longlegs106 – 6 July 2018 This product Neutrarust 661 is one of the best you can use to prevent further rust development. I have seen this product for many years in an offshore/marine environment and it works! Although a bit pricey its well worth it. You get what you pay for applies here.
DJ – 3 July 2018 This works perfectly. Converting rust into an almost gloss black finish. Much more effective than some of the more common brands stocked in local DIY / Auto Shops. Highly recommended.
Mickfinstock – 4 April 2018 Neutrarust 661 is good value for Amateur Car Restorer. I have used this product for many years due to it does a great job at an affordable price. Recently bought another lot and still the same great product inside the bottle.